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Five steps to become a happier you

by Deyanira Martinez

We have all heard people say that happiness is a choice, and that you are the one in control of your own life. Unfortunately, with the chores of daily living it is easy to let yourself get dragged down by that black cloud called ‘depression’ and its closest allies: discouragement and apathy.

Image courtesy of Photostock/
Image courtesy of Photostock/

So, I decided, along with you my Bella’s Fashionistas’ readers, to choose happiness, and put in the work to become a happier version of myself by following these simple steps:

1) Get Rid of Regrets:We have all made mistakes, and will continue to make mistakes, but we don’t learn anything from constantly blaming ourselves. We cannot go back in time and change what has been. Peace of mind is more important, than any past mistake. So instead learn from your mistakes, by surrendering, and allowing God to work his magic.

2) Take Care Of Your Body: Your body is a temple that you must love and care. Avoid junk and sugary drinks (yes, you are what you eat). Become active, and drink plenty of water. Enjoy the beauty of silence; we all need quiet time to listen to the answers of our problems and struggles.

3) Be Grateful: Count your blessings. Make a list of all the good and positive things in your life; you will be surprised by how long this list can be. Gratitude is the key to feeling blessed.

4) Be Comfortable With Whom You Are: Do not compare yourself with anyone; you’re a unique and special person and you have the talent and ability to go as far as you want.

5) Be Optimistic: Always expect the best regardless of the circumstances. Have joy and exude positive energy. You’ll see how positive statements attract miracles to your life.

Every day is a new opportunity to start fresh and be happy; have love, health, abundance, and everything your heart desires.


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