Bellas Empower

She’s a Warrior!

by C. Miriam Pascual

A she-warrior does not stay down when she falls; instead, she seeks ways to rise above the circumstances she lives with.  A she-warrior does not have time for bitterness or resentment; she knows how to forgive and how to ask for forgiveness; therefore, she accepts her faults and the faults of others.

Image courtesy of Photostock/
Image courtesy of Photostock/

A she-warrior knows how to care for herself and her family. She is attentive and smiles regularly even when the world does not understand her reasons to smile. A she-warrior receives energy, an endless unforeseen force. No one knows how she accomplishes so much with so little. A she-warrior knows how to support other women. She understands loneliness, and what it feels like to be overwhelmed by countless responsibilities.

We all know she-warriors. Although we don’t always give them the merit they so deserve, we admire them when they forge ahead. We are overjoyed and feel pride when they reach their goals despite all of their adversities they face.

In the Latin community there are countless she-warriors, women who deserve our admiration, women who do not understand the phrase, “you can’t do it”. These women can appear to be alone, or bear heavy burdens all by themselves; however, when you begin to accept a deeper knowledge of these women, you realize that they possess an unforeseen energy and force which sustains them. This force speaks to their heart and reminds them, “You can!”  “You will!” and “You should do it!” When she feels this in her heart, she realizes that although it may seem impossible she will achieve her goals.

We all need to seek that energy. Open your hearts, let yourself be inspired, and trust that you can!

She – warrior forge ahead. You have our support!

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