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Iliana Sanchez, the New Face of Mexican Radio Station in NYC

by Deyanira Martinez

How can someone transform from being a Journalism Major in Guadalajara, Mexico to a superstar radio anchor in one of the most influential stations in the United States? Well if you talk with Iliana Sanchez for just a few minutes she’ll tell you. Iliana Sanchez is the host of “Afternoons with La Nena”, which airs Monday through Friday on The Invasora 1600 


This young and dynamic woman began by knocking on doors and looking for opportunities in her hometown until she finally secured a position in the Promotions Department of Univision Radio. So Iliana packed her bags, and left for a city unknown to her, the city of all cities, New York! Radio executives and colleagues soon noticed the natural talents and special gifts this beautiful Mexican possessed.

Not soon after she was offered to co-host a show with the famed broadcaster Frederick Martinez, El Pacha, she told us about her experience,El Pacha was great to me, I am so grateful to him, he was patient, gave me lots of professional advice, but more importantly taught me to get me closer to God “. 

Iliana Sanchez, La Nena NYC

Working in a man’s world has been both a challenge and a blessing. Iliana states, “I had to learn to deal with the ego of some radio professionals, but also learned a lot from them and won public affection in the process”.

With only 7 years in the United States, La Nena NYC has achieved what many have not achieved in decades and has become a favorite among listeners. She tells us the secrets to the rise to fame,“The hand of God in my life”, and “The greater is your opposition, the greater your blessings “. She also believes that everyone should “give your dreams to God and he will make them reality “.

Beauty tips from “La Nena NYC” for Bella’s Fashionistas
#1 Healthy Eating
# 2 Remove your makeup each night
# 3 Facials
# 4 Quality Time for yourself
# 5 Spirituality: Allow God to be part of your life

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