Be The Beauty CEO of Your Life!

by The Diana Sisters, @3DBeautyTweets

No one can define your beauty but you. Your beauty confidence is the total sum of your thoughts, your health and your spirit.   The life you create for yourself and your circle of close friends and family is influenced by who you are ‘Be-ing’.  Your ‘Be-ing’ and your ‘Beauty’ are one in the same.  Who is the CEO of your life? You are! You know that if you are not programming the direction of your life, then you will remain in the same place; the same principles apply to your beauty confidence. Think of your body as a vehicle, your mind as the engine, and you as the CEO of your life! This is a fantastic opportunity to create your every heart’s desire.  First, you must take care of your temple to nourish your total beauty.

Image courtesy of Marin/
Image courtesy of Marin/

 The Five Key Areas to Develop As The Beauty CEO of Your Life:

1. Your daily beauty skincare regime: Grooming habits and managing stress are very important to self-care.   Developing your Spring and Summer Skin Care regimen is identifying your day to day habits that contribute to the health of your skin, complexion, shimmer, and age.

2. Focus on the result you want to achieve: Having intense passion and releasing of all doubt is what allows each of us to achieve our goals. What are you passionate about in your health and wellness? Allow that to fuel you on a day to day basis toward the big picture.  Your WHY is most important to achieving your beauty goals.

3.  Self – development: We are constantly evolving and growing.  For every skill set we have, there are many more we can learn.  By educating yourself in areas that will compliment your knowledge base, you are being a constant learning leader.

4.  Relationships – prioritize YOU first: As Beauty CEO, being 100% YOU means that you have identified your purpose in life and have a very strong relationship to self.  It is imperative that you balance your work  life and personal life in order to meet your objective and enjoy the process. All of this contributes to your beauty, how you take care of yourself and the balance you are able to achieve while doing so. You need to network, meet new people, and not be afraid of new relationships coming in, while honoring those already cultivated. Beauty has everything to do with how you view and honor YOU.

5. Play – Let loose and have fun: Create a Play Jar and start setting aside your funds to treat yourself at minimum once a month. In all of your endeavors, it is still important to make time to play. The little girl inside all of us wants to learn how to play like she use to when she was a child.  Wholeheartedly let loose and get lost in the moment because it is a truly healing process. Do not allow your past experiences to prevent you from taking a chance and allow yourself to run, dance, play, and be treated to simple joys in life. Incorporating regular play time in your life contributes to your overall beauty…big time!

 It is time to feed your beauty confidence ladies! Passion, purpose and the pursuit of your dreams is a God given ability and you have the right to live a life filled with happiness and contribution to others.  A well-maintained temple allows you to experience and live an active and healthy life. Prioritize yourself, your health, your body and your spirit first. That is the true definition of being the Beauty CEO in your life!


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