Introducing Bellas Business Corner: Natalie Archibald

by Deyanira Martinez, @deyamartinezl

Bellas Fashionistas is proud to showcase Latinas that are climbing the corporate ladder in America, smart and talented women working their way up and leading by example, serving as an inspiration to others.


Name: Natalie Archibald
Title: Senior Integrated Marketing Specialist
Company: The Wall Street Journal
Heritage: Dominican
College: Wellesley College, Wellesley MA
Major: English and French Literature
Last book read: Once Minutos Paulo Coelho

  • What is your job descriptionI create integrated marketing solutions for consumer advertisers for The Wall Street Journal.
  • What is the biggest misconception about women in business? People often mistake women’s ambition and drive for aggression when they are just being assertive. Once the workspace accepts that a woman can lead and not mistake a woman’s confidence and strong mind for anger or emotions, the workspace will be an even better place where women can be respected as leaders.
  • How you do you balance family and career? All aspects of my life are a priority to me. There is no number 1, 2, or 3. I just accommodate my schedule to fit family, friends, love, and exercise. I make time and space for the things that matter.
  • What do Latinas and women bring to the table? Does ethnicity place a role at the time of doing businessI think everything from ethnicity to your sexual orientation, religion, and upbringing impact the way you conduct business. We always bring our personal experiences to everything we do including work. As Latinas we bring a lot energy to everything we do and we have a very strong sense of community and as women, I believe that we bring a rational and thoughtfulness to our work.
  • Why do you think there are not many Latinas in leadership positions in Corporate America? Unfortunately, I don’t believe that we live in an equal opportunity society. Latinas still do not have the full support and resources they need to get ahead in Corporate America meaning education and mentors. While many strides have been made, Latinas need continual support and awareness to break the glass ceiling.
  • How important is money when it comes to job satisfaction? Money is important because you need to make sure that you are getting paid the value of your work and experience. As women we are not taught to negotiate the salary we deserve but we need to look out for ourselves the same way that companies are looking out for themselves. Now, I don’t think money is the most important thing. I think you also need to consider benefits, work environment, and mobility.
  • What must be done to empower women to pursue high ranking positions? I think women need continual emotional and professional support to pursue high ranking positions. If you don’t have someone that is invested in seeing you grow, it’s hard to pursue those leadership roles.
  • What is the secret of your success? How did you get where you are today? I have been really fortunate to have people in my life that are invested in me, see my potential, and have guided me. My teachers have told me about specialized schools and programs that have helped me receive the best education. In terms of my personal success secret, I believe very strongly in doing my best and always going above and beyond. I’m constantly pushing myself to produce the best work possible.
  • Have you ever felt excluded based on gender or cultureFortunately, I have not directly experienced exclusion based on gender or culture but I definitely do see a difference in treatment sometimes.
  • Biggest mistake made? As of yet, I don’t consider that I’ve made any big mistakes. Everything happens for a reason and everything that has happened in my life has had a positive impact on my growth.
  • What are more proud of? What has been your biggest accomplishment? My proudest moment has been my arrival in France at the age of 16. Since I was 10 years, I dreamed of going to France and being fluent in French and when I realized my dream at such a young age, it was life-changing.
  • Who inspires you? I find inspiration and beauty in everyone but the people who I must admire (and I know its cliché) are my mom and my sister. They are very strong women and through adversity remain positive and grateful.
  • What do you say to Latinas facing challenges to have a voice and a place in America? Don’t be afraid to show your strength because while it can intimidate to some, it is exactly what will carry you forward.

Natalie is also the founder of, an online destination to inspire women to finish what they start. to be inspired and empowered to achieve your desires.





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