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Skin Tips 101: How To Prep For Your New Springtime Look!

by The Diana Sisters, @3dbeautytweets  May 1, 2014

Its time to revitalize your skin for a healthy and radiant look!  In order to get your skin prepped for this Spring and Summer season, here are some tips to get you motivated.  Whether you are new to a skin regimen or have been using a step by step facial cleansing system, here is a list of essentials to get you started on healthy habits.

Image Courtesy of Stockimages/
Image Courtesy of Stockimages/

 1.  Know Your Skin Type: Are you oily? Are you Combination? Are you Dry? As women, we inherently know what works and what doesn’t. If you have frequent breakouts, chances are you are oily. If your skin appears to feels tight and scaly, then you are dry. Some of you may experience patches of both oily and dry skin which is considered combination. This is a must to know before beginning any skin regimen.

2. Say BUH-BYE to Soap: Contrary to popular belief, cleansing your skin with soap is the fastest way to drying out your skin. It is better to splash your face with water than to use soap!

 3. Exfoliate: Exfoliation is a must 1 – 2 times a week – never exfoliate on consecutive days. This helps to shed any dead skin and bring out the glow!

4. Facial Cleanser: Purchase a Facial cleanser and exfoliator that is made for your particular skin care type and make sure to properly moisturize.

5. Sunscreen: They have come a long way – and are now available in products such as BB Creams – that offer a hint of color to even the skin tone, a high SPF, of at least 30 and above, and nourishing ingredients that will help the skin look and feel its best all day long.

Ready? Set? Go and get your skin into spring shape by taking these tips, giving skin the revitalization and glow it deserves!!


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