Transform your skin with Rodan & Fields Dermatologists

by Angella Garcia   May 1, 2014

Ladies, I’m sure you’ll all agree: nothing says confidence more than being happy with your appearance.  Let’s be real: when you know you look your best there is a certain way you walk, and talk, and interact with the world around you. Although this isn’t “NEWS” we all recognize that as we age, what worked when we were younger no longer applies to our skin. That’s why I use Rodan & Fields Dermatologists skin care. 1505590_10203557995098417_3131049600016950604_n_4_3_3 Truthfully, the product has transformed my skin. When I discovered that Rodan + Fields (the doctors that created Proactiv Solutions) started a new company, Rodan + Fields Dermatologists, I was extremely intrigued. I remembered what they did for teenage acne and the results I saw among friends and family, gave the doctors serious street “cred” not just in my eyes but the eyes of the world. (ProActiv became the NO. 1 leading acne brand known GLOBALLY) so needless to say Rodan+Fields know how to deal with skin issues. Learning what these Drs. did for acne they were now doing for a host of aging issues, was like hitting the jackpot! And, this could not have come at a better time in my life. 1979635_10203395758522604_1532664856_n_2Personally, I was starting to notice, and really be bothered by, forehead wrinkles and that little number “11” that years of crinkling my eyebrows have impressed upon my face. With excitement, I went on the website, took the online consultation and immediately ordered and began to use the”Redefine” (Anti-Age) products AND the at-home cosmetic tools for micro-dermabrasion and micro-needling the doctors devised. Next, I tried the dark spot multi med regimen for freckling and sun damage, and that worked too! (See my before and after below) Needless to say, I was sold on the products.  Over the course of two years I sampled every product in their line and decided to become a consultant! RnF covers every skin issue!! To Summarize…Redefine” is for fine lines and wrinkles, “Reverse” addresses sun damage and brown spots, “Unblemish” is for adult acne, and “Soothe” is for sensitive skin issues such as but not limited to Rosacea. The products were formerly the #1 clinical brand in Nordstrom and in other high end retail stores including; Saks, Henri Bendel etc… get-attachment.aspxAs for me; the fine lines and wrinkles have disappeared, and – not to sound like a commercial – my skin has a radiance I could never achieve with drugstore products!  It’s affordable too: to get these kinds of results, you would have to spring for pricey dermatology or cosmetic surgeon visits. It’s easier to smile when you “love the skin you’re in.” And it’s less expensive (and less painful) when you skip invasive procedures and surgeries. Take care of your skin intelligently and watch how beautiful you can be, at any age. Let me go back to the real talk one more time: life is better when you feel hot, and it’s hard to feel hot if you don’t love your skin.  See additional results by visiting Roden & Fields.

angelagarciaAngella Garcia is a guest writer at Bellas Fashionistas and a full time medical device representative who runs her own Rodan + Fields® skin care business. She is the proud mother of a 9 year old who is learning by example that hard work and passion will always bring a person success

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