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Stop Making Excuses and Take Action Now!

by Deyanira Martinez @deyamartinezl

I would like to start this article by asking you a question: Did you make any new year’s resolution this past December?

Yes? Great! So, do you realize we’re already in May?! Now, my next question is: How are you doing with the resolution? If you haven’t been able to complete it or even start, I have news for you – YOU are not alone.

Every year 50% of Americans set a New Year resolution and 88% percent of all these resolutions fail. If we take into consideration The United States population that will be 156 million failed resolutions and disappointed minds each and every year.

excuseAll these statistics which included my very own failed resolutions reminded me of a very powerful story I heard a long time ago, the story of ‘The Cow’, well, here’s the story:

A family lives in a remote village, and own one cow. Each day, the family is dependent of the cow’s milk to live – the children and parent. If there is little milk, they eat little, if there’s lots of milk, and they eat well.
One cold day, a traveler stops in the village. He is hungry and cold. The family shares their milk and offered him shelter. He is so grateful that he wants to help all of them in any way he can so he decided to help by killing the cow.  Yes, the cow! (even though their lives depend on the cow) he kills the cow and disappeared in the middle of the night.

A year later, the traveler returned to the village. He saw a new hotel that provided a stay  to travelers. Behind the bar, he found the eldest son of the family, smiling and totally happy. The traveler greeted him and asked “what happened? What is all this prosperity about?” His response: “We lost our cow a year ago; there was no milk; we had to go out and do something to eat. We set up a small market, it grew, then we set up a hotel and it’s growing so much. We had to try new things when we didn’t have any milk from the cow.”

Moral of the story: we can get very creative, when we are forced to do so.

Now! My question to you, my dear readers is “what are your cows? How many ‘cows’ do you have to kill in order to fulfill your destiny?”

Image Courtesy by Pong/
Image Courtesy by Pong/

Who and what are your cows: your neighbors, your boss, your spouse, your laziness, your inability to commit to anything.

We are expert at developing excuses, we use them, protect them and all those 88% percent of Americans unable to complete or even try to start their New Year’s resolution are loving their cows, refuse to be apart from them, redefine them in such a way until they are no longer excuses, but a part of our own reality: I’ll work out tomorrow, I’ll stop eating junk food right after the holidays, I am just a social drinker, and many more.

A cow represents every excuse, justification, lie, fear, belief that keep you bound to a life of mediocrity.

One thing is certain about excuses, if you really want to find an excuse for anything, you can be absolutely sure that you will find it and once you do, you’ll stick with it for as long as you can. No one is responsible of your life but you. Let’s find time for what really matters, you are your #1 priority.

My friends is time to kill those cows that are holding yourself back and start living your life to the fullest NOW.

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