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Rise Above

by C. Mirriam Pascual  @serluz5

With the death of Maya Angelou Wednesday May 28th 2014, we all should remember what a strong minority woman can do when she chooses to rise above her circumstances.

Image Courtesy of Marin/
Image Courtesy of Marin/

Maya was born into all kinds of circumstances yet she rose above them all to leave her mark in the world, a world that would grow to respect, admire and remember her for her endurance, character, talents and ability to teach and help other women rise above as well.

Years of observing the strength of women have taught us that women were built to endure and rise above, it takes determination and preparation but in the end a woman who chooses to rise will rise in spite of anything that stands in her way.

While “we” rise above let’s do it with a hand extended back to help other women rise above as well. It should be our mission to assist other women on their journey to the top. This can easily be done by advising, encouraging, teaching what we have learned, listening and supporting one another. Places that we should consider helping others are our homes, our community, our worksite, our churches or place of worship and everywhere we can lend a hand.

The rewards to these actions are priceless and they always are paid forward. Let us teach our younger generations about the “Phenomenal Women” of this world and the mark they leave behind. Lets teach them how to develop character, how to maintain a graceful attitude and how teach and help others do the same.

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