7 Inspirational Books That Will Change – Tu Vida!

by Deyanira Martinez @deyamartinezl

Life is full of tribulations and challenges that it is important to recharge your emotional energy and spirit. Motivational speakers and self-help books provide readers with tools necessary to create and maintain a positive mindset and the energy to move forward when experiencing a major setback in life; whether in need of inspiration, a spiritual growth or get closer to God.

No matter how dark your days may be, there is still “light at the end of the tunnel.” So, get a libro, grab un cafecito and enjoy my top picks for this week that can magically set you free. Open your arms wide and receive the blessings – the best is yet to come.

becomebetteru1.  Become A Better You, by Joel Osteen
You can be happy and discover the inner potential within you. Pastor and New York Times best-selling author, Joel Osteen offers in this Christian book seven steps to become the best version of you and discover the gifts and blessing that God has in store for you. Whether you are religious or not, you will love this book and feel inspired. I am guilty of reading the book 3 times and I will probably read it once again.

warriorofthelight-book2.  Warrior of the Light, by Paulo Coelho
More than a book, this is a blueprint on how to live life without regrets and move on forward. This wonderful guide will give you key points on how not to “waste precious life time” on things and/or people that are not worthy – with so much depth, wisdom and meaning that will leave you repeating phrases for days!  You will definitely relate to most of the life lessons in the chapters.

fear3. Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway, by Susan Jeffers
A great self-empowerment book that will help to deal with fear and insecurity. Most people are afraid to make important decisions, ask difficult questions or have uncomfortable conversations. Whatever you are afraid of, you will find courage in the pages of this book to get rid of the victim mentality once and for all.


4. The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelhoalchemist
This is one of the best-selling books in history; it has been translated into 56 languages and sold 65 million copies. The story of a boy named Santiago who travels in search of a treasure, along the way; he meets an alchemist who teaches him wisdom, to follow his dreams and listen the voice of his soul. You will be inspired by this wonderful novel.


5. The Secret, by Rhonda Byrnesecret
The Secret is a life-transforming book that helped people around the world to become happy, rich and successful by practicing the law of attraction. You have the power to attract everything your heart desires by just wanting it. The combination of positive thinking and the law of attraction could make your wildest dreams come true.  This is an incredible mind blowing self-help book, you will either love it or hate it, but you will definitely think about the law of attraction long after you finish reading the book.


6. The Success Principles, by Jack Canfield success
One of my favorite books,  after reading it, you will feel ready to conquer the world and reach the stars. Great principles on how to stay focus, develop discipline and get as far as you want in your personal life, career or relationship.


7. The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz4agreements
If you want to embrace life, be happy and live worry free; follow and practice these four agreements from the spiritual masters of the Toltec traditions:
-Be impeccable with your words
-Don’t take anything personally
-Don’t make assumptions
-Always do your best


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