Summer Lining: Best Eyeliners To Use During The Summer

by The Diana Sisters @3dbeautytweets

Summer is peaking its head around the corner so it’s time to get your eyes dressed for the occasion! What’s great about the summer is that there are many looks to enhance that radiant summer glow beginning with your eyes.

EyeLiner beauty_make-up_feart

One featured product that is great to use – especially in the summer are liquid liners. The liquid liner look has been a beauty focus this year and rightfully so! Liquid liners offer the precision and definition that your eyes deserve. They help to not only define the shape of your eyes, but also accentuate them.

Many women have mentioned that they are afraid of using liquid liner as it requires a steady hand. The truth is that it takes less than a minute depending on the look you want to create! The trick is to let your inner girl come out to play and to experiment. There are liquid pens such as Nars Stylo Liuqid Liner, Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liner and Smashbox Love Me Paint Pen Eyeliner, which are great to use as they are easy to handle.

Smashbox Eyeliner_7533937

There are dip ink well liquid liners with a dip applicator such as Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge Liquid Eyeliner,  Almay Liquid Liner that are reminiscent of calligraphy pens, which give a little more control if needed. Double Zero, Estee Lauder 92317 almay-intense-i-color-liquid-eyeliner

Lastly, there are gel pot liners such as Bobbi Brown Gel Liner, MAC gel liner, L’oreal Gel Liner that are for the more advanced user as it requires a separate lining brush. The trick is to find the right type of lining brush that you control and create the line. We like Bobbi brown – as it has a pointy yet rounded tip so it is easy to draw and create a steady line. Wherever you are in your expertise from novice to expert – there is something for you!

Bobbi_Brown-Oczy-Long_Wear_Gel_Eyeliner M.A.C-Gel-Liner_butterboom_1LOreal-Super-Liner-Gel-Intenza

There are many ways to use a liquid liner- either a natural close to the lash line look or a bold winged tip effect. Of course, if you want to take the look even further, you can tap into the artist in you and design your eye an “outline” around your eye lid- The best thingeye-studio-maybelline about liquid liners is that they come in great colors! Obviously black is a great staple and can be used anytime, anywhere! Don’t forget about Colors such as bright blue, Teal, green, purple just lighten and brighten the eyes and add summer fun to your face – not to mention a flirty look to eyes – try Eye Studio Lasting Drama by Maybelline that brings a variety of colors.

Go ahead and experiment this summer and pop those gorgeous!

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