A Father’s Role

by C. Mirriam Pascual @Serluz25

Walking out of the hospital with a five day old baby girl and a cesarean section is enough to scare any 21 year-old first time mother. Having her husband by her side, a man slightly older and with a bit more knowledge about babies is enough to reassure her on their first night home. When they arrived, the husband quickly fixes something to eat and tells her she should lie down and rest. They’re both in love with the little person they brought home and could stare at her all night long.

Image Courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image Courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The first time the baby cries they both wake up and the husband volunteers to bring the baby to bed so she doesn’t have to get up.  Although he works in the morning he understands that his wife cannot move around freely just yet, he is willing to change diapers and help as much as possible. They fall into a routine and share the responsibilities of raising their child equally. When they start to socialize with friends and family some are shocked that a Hispanic man is so willing to change diapers, bathe and feed his child. Friends and family make comments to him that is the job of the mother, why is he so willing to take on the responsibility?  How he responds endears his wife forever–they both understand that this is what being parents entails and they are willing to take it on together, no matter what others think or feel.

This example of a new father willing to share the work of raising a baby is so often not celebrated in our culture, many men decide that it is not their job to do certain tasks and they simply just don’t do it. It is amazing that most women in the Latin community are taught that real men don’t need to involve themselves in the day to day care of their own children, shockingly it is not the men doing the teaching! Most young mothers are taught that it is their job to take care of the baby and the father should solely provide and discipline.

This Father’s Day lets celebrate those men who understand that changing a diaper, bathing and feeding his baby will create a bond between him and his child. That spending time with his child is not babysitting nor doing a favor to the mother of his child. Remember that babies grow up and they remember and appreciate the bond created from the beginning. So continue to take care of your children, continue to be great dads and enjoy the relationship with your children.

On this Father’s Day enjoy your children!

Happy Father’s Day!

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