Transform your skin with Rodan & Fields Dermatologists

by Angella Garcia   May 1, 2014

Ladies, I’m sure you’ll all agree: nothing says confidence more than being happy with your appearance.  Let’s be real: when you know you look your best there is a certain way you walk, and talk, and interact with the world around you. Although this isn’t “NEWS” we all recognize that as we age, what worked when we were younger no longer applies to our skin. That’s why I use Rodan & Fields Dermatologists skin care. 1505590_10203557995098417_3131049600016950604_n_4_3_3 Truthfully, the product has transformed my skin. When I discovered that Rodan + Fields (the doctors that created Proactiv Solutions) started a new company, Rodan + Fields Dermatologists, I was extremely intrigued. I remembered what they did for teenage acne and the results I saw among friends and family, gave the doctors serious street “cred” not just in my eyes but the eyes of the world. (ProActiv became the NO. 1 leading acne brand known GLOBALLY) so needless to say Rodan+Fields know how to deal with skin issues. Learning what these Drs. did for acne they were now doing for a host of aging issues, was like hitting the jackpot! And, this could not have come at a better time in my life. 1979635_10203395758522604_1532664856_n_2Personally, I was starting to notice, and really be bothered by, forehead wrinkles and that little number “11” that years of crinkling my eyebrows have impressed upon my face. With excitement, I went on the website, took the online consultation and immediately ordered and began to use the”Redefine” (Anti-Age) products AND the at-home cosmetic tools for micro-dermabrasion and micro-needling the doctors devised. Next, I tried the dark spot multi med regimen for freckling and sun damage, and that worked too! (See my before and after below) Needless to say, I was sold on the products.  Over the course of two years I sampled every product in their line and decided to become a consultant! RnF covers every skin issue!! To Summarize…Redefine” is for fine lines and wrinkles, “Reverse” addresses sun damage and brown spots, “Unblemish” is for adult acne, and “Soothe” is for sensitive skin issues such as but not limited to Rosacea. The products were formerly the #1 clinical brand in Nordstrom and in other high end retail stores including; Saks, Henri Bendel etc… get-attachment.aspxAs for me; the fine lines and wrinkles have disappeared, and – not to sound like a commercial – my skin has a radiance I could never achieve with drugstore products!  It’s affordable too: to get these kinds of results, you would have to spring for pricey dermatology or cosmetic surgeon visits. It’s easier to smile when you “love the skin you’re in.” And it’s less expensive (and less painful) when you skip invasive procedures and surgeries. Take care of your skin intelligently and watch how beautiful you can be, at any age. Let me go back to the real talk one more time: life is better when you feel hot, and it’s hard to feel hot if you don’t love your skin.  See additional results by visiting Roden & Fields.

angelagarciaAngella Garcia is a guest writer at Bellas Fashionistas and a full time medical device representative who runs her own Rodan + Fields® skin care business. She is the proud mother of a 9 year old who is learning by example that hard work and passion will always bring a person success

Introducing Bellas Business Corner: Natalie Archibald

by Deyanira Martinez, @deyamartinezl

Bellas Fashionistas is proud to showcase Latinas that are climbing the corporate ladder in America, smart and talented women working their way up and leading by example, serving as an inspiration to others.


Name: Natalie Archibald
Title: Senior Integrated Marketing Specialist
Company: The Wall Street Journal
Heritage: Dominican
College: Wellesley College, Wellesley MA
Major: English and French Literature
Last book read: Once Minutos Paulo Coelho

  • What is your job descriptionI create integrated marketing solutions for consumer advertisers for The Wall Street Journal.
  • What is the biggest misconception about women in business? People often mistake women’s ambition and drive for aggression when they are just being assertive. Once the workspace accepts that a woman can lead and not mistake a woman’s confidence and strong mind for anger or emotions, the workspace will be an even better place where women can be respected as leaders.
  • How you do you balance family and career? All aspects of my life are a priority to me. There is no number 1, 2, or 3. I just accommodate my schedule to fit family, friends, love, and exercise. I make time and space for the things that matter.
  • What do Latinas and women bring to the table? Does ethnicity place a role at the time of doing businessI think everything from ethnicity to your sexual orientation, religion, and upbringing impact the way you conduct business. We always bring our personal experiences to everything we do including work. As Latinas we bring a lot energy to everything we do and we have a very strong sense of community and as women, I believe that we bring a rational and thoughtfulness to our work.
  • Why do you think there are not many Latinas in leadership positions in Corporate America? Unfortunately, I don’t believe that we live in an equal opportunity society. Latinas still do not have the full support and resources they need to get ahead in Corporate America meaning education and mentors. While many strides have been made, Latinas need continual support and awareness to break the glass ceiling.
  • How important is money when it comes to job satisfaction? Money is important because you need to make sure that you are getting paid the value of your work and experience. As women we are not taught to negotiate the salary we deserve but we need to look out for ourselves the same way that companies are looking out for themselves. Now, I don’t think money is the most important thing. I think you also need to consider benefits, work environment, and mobility.
  • What must be done to empower women to pursue high ranking positions? I think women need continual emotional and professional support to pursue high ranking positions. If you don’t have someone that is invested in seeing you grow, it’s hard to pursue those leadership roles.
  • What is the secret of your success? How did you get where you are today? I have been really fortunate to have people in my life that are invested in me, see my potential, and have guided me. My teachers have told me about specialized schools and programs that have helped me receive the best education. In terms of my personal success secret, I believe very strongly in doing my best and always going above and beyond. I’m constantly pushing myself to produce the best work possible.
  • Have you ever felt excluded based on gender or cultureFortunately, I have not directly experienced exclusion based on gender or culture but I definitely do see a difference in treatment sometimes.
  • Biggest mistake made? As of yet, I don’t consider that I’ve made any big mistakes. Everything happens for a reason and everything that has happened in my life has had a positive impact on my growth.
  • What are more proud of? What has been your biggest accomplishment? My proudest moment has been my arrival in France at the age of 16. Since I was 10 years, I dreamed of going to France and being fluent in French and when I realized my dream at such a young age, it was life-changing.
  • Who inspires you? I find inspiration and beauty in everyone but the people who I must admire (and I know its cliché) are my mom and my sister. They are very strong women and through adversity remain positive and grateful.
  • What do you say to Latinas facing challenges to have a voice and a place in America? Don’t be afraid to show your strength because while it can intimidate to some, it is exactly what will carry you forward.

Natalie is also the founder of, an online destination to inspire women to finish what they start. to be inspired and empowered to achieve your desires.





A Single Mom

By: C. Miriam Pascual

Dawn Martinez is a beautiful young mother of five, while at her home I commented on the beautiful family pictures in her living room. She invited her sister and myself to sit and proceeded to recount her story. A story both her sister and I knew well. Dawn was married at 20 to a young Latino and like every young bride couldn’t wait to start her life. What she didn’t realize was that her life would take her to hell and she would need to struggle to get out.

Image Courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/
Image Courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/

At the hand of her new spouse Dawn alongside her children suffered all kinds of abuse, physical, mental and emotional. After about 13 years into the abusive relationship Dawn found the courage to leave and take her three young children with her.                                                          I remember the days right after she left… I remember what she carried with her as she arrived at her sister’s house — a few black garbage bags and her injured self esteemed. I remember her hidden laugh because her spouse didn’t like her to smile much less laugh. She found a way to laugh behind her hands with downcast eyes. I remember her tears, I remember her children’s fear, her son’s reluctance to speak, and he too would look with downcast eyes. I remember her daughter’s nervous habit – pulling her hair out as she expected the worst from the adults around her. I remember her children hoarding food, because while Dawn was at work, her spouse ate well while her children were told gluttony was a sin and there was no need to feed them; Oh yes Dawn’s Spouse is a religious abuser, he uses the bible and religion to keep everyone in line and remind them of hell and how everyone is going there.

While Dawn worked three jobs her spouse worked none and yet he controlled the finances. After she left that abusive relationship, Dawn began to slowly flourish and heal. She began to recount the abuse at her pace, it was hard to get her to open up but slowly she did and her sister and I hurt for her and those three children.

Image Courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/

I remember her desire to get ahead, her first apartment and helping her purchase furniture. I remember her unwillingness to buy plastic containers dishes or chairs – because that is what he allowed her to purchase while they were married. I remember Dawn wanting glass dishes everything glass and fancy even if it was from the bargain section. I remember the first time she laughed …truly laughed without using her hands to hide her laugh. I remember that the tears didn’t come as often, and she stopped looking both ways as she left the house.

I remember her talking about the future. I remember her kid’s laughter; I remember her son’s hugs. I remember her meeting a man, a good man. I remember the relationship flourishing. I remember giving her a speech on how good that man was for her kids and whatever she did think about the bond he is forming with those kids. I remember her telling me she was expecting again after having three children with her ex the youngest being twelve… I remember taking her to church for guidance, I remember her tears of healing while we sang in church. I remember her decision to leave NY and the crushing loss I felt to think she would not be around anymore. I remember her wedding …

Today Dawn has a new life she smiles all the time. We sat in her living room and she showed us the graduation pictures telling us how proud and thankful she was to finally display those three pictures, and said “I promised them when we left that this would come, these pictures are proof that they did it; proof that I haven’t let them down, proof that I could only do this with the help of the Lord”. Dawn Martinez, it is amazing to see how far you have come and in a year’s time I would like to be amongst the first few calling you Dr. Dawn Martinez. When that time comes, we will again remember together the path that led you there.

It is amazing to see the rewards of a single mother who is willing to take care of her family!

This is an excerpt of Dawns Martinez story – Mujer!

Be The Beauty CEO of Your Life!

by The Diana Sisters, @3DBeautyTweets

No one can define your beauty but you. Your beauty confidence is the total sum of your thoughts, your health and your spirit.   The life you create for yourself and your circle of close friends and family is influenced by who you are ‘Be-ing’.  Your ‘Be-ing’ and your ‘Beauty’ are one in the same.  Who is the CEO of your life? You are! You know that if you are not programming the direction of your life, then you will remain in the same place; the same principles apply to your beauty confidence. Think of your body as a vehicle, your mind as the engine, and you as the CEO of your life! This is a fantastic opportunity to create your every heart’s desire.  First, you must take care of your temple to nourish your total beauty.

Image courtesy of Marin/
Image courtesy of Marin/

 The Five Key Areas to Develop As The Beauty CEO of Your Life:

1. Your daily beauty skincare regime: Grooming habits and managing stress are very important to self-care.   Developing your Spring and Summer Skin Care regimen is identifying your day to day habits that contribute to the health of your skin, complexion, shimmer, and age.

2. Focus on the result you want to achieve: Having intense passion and releasing of all doubt is what allows each of us to achieve our goals. What are you passionate about in your health and wellness? Allow that to fuel you on a day to day basis toward the big picture.  Your WHY is most important to achieving your beauty goals.

3.  Self – development: We are constantly evolving and growing.  For every skill set we have, there are many more we can learn.  By educating yourself in areas that will compliment your knowledge base, you are being a constant learning leader.

4.  Relationships – prioritize YOU first: As Beauty CEO, being 100% YOU means that you have identified your purpose in life and have a very strong relationship to self.  It is imperative that you balance your work  life and personal life in order to meet your objective and enjoy the process. All of this contributes to your beauty, how you take care of yourself and the balance you are able to achieve while doing so. You need to network, meet new people, and not be afraid of new relationships coming in, while honoring those already cultivated. Beauty has everything to do with how you view and honor YOU.

5. Play – Let loose and have fun: Create a Play Jar and start setting aside your funds to treat yourself at minimum once a month. In all of your endeavors, it is still important to make time to play. The little girl inside all of us wants to learn how to play like she use to when she was a child.  Wholeheartedly let loose and get lost in the moment because it is a truly healing process. Do not allow your past experiences to prevent you from taking a chance and allow yourself to run, dance, play, and be treated to simple joys in life. Incorporating regular play time in your life contributes to your overall beauty…big time!

 It is time to feed your beauty confidence ladies! Passion, purpose and the pursuit of your dreams is a God given ability and you have the right to live a life filled with happiness and contribution to others.  A well-maintained temple allows you to experience and live an active and healthy life. Prioritize yourself, your health, your body and your spirit first. That is the true definition of being the Beauty CEO in your life!


Bella’s Empower, Latina of the Week: Jennifer Mercedes, La Chica Deportes

by Deyanira Martinez

La autenticidad, el dinamismo y la pasión por la Carrera periodística han sido la clave del éxito para la joven profesional de la comunicación: Jennifer Mercedes, mejor conocida por todos sus fans como La Chica Deportes.   Nacida en el estado de New Jersey, de padres dominicanos, Jennifer disfruto desde pequeña de lo mejor de los dos mundos, una niñez de quietud en los suburbios y el bullicioso mundo que existía al cruzar el puente Washington y visitar con frecuencia la oficina medica de su mama en el populoso sector dominicano, Washington Heights. En casa y en la calles del alto Manhattan aprendió el idioma español a la perfección y también comenzó su pasión por el beisbol.


Graduada en Comunicación y Televisión en la Universidad Rutgers, inicio una pasantía en Telemundo y luego comenzó a laborar en otros importantes medios latinos. Inicialmente solo cubría espectáculos, pero en buscar de evadir chismes faranduleros acabo por inclinarse por los deportes, donde nació la ya Super famosa “Chica Deportes”.

“El deporte es lo que más me gusta, me encantan los estadios, el olor a grama mojada y el aire que se respira en estos lugares tempranito en la mañana, me da una gran sensación de paz”, expresa Jennifer quien lleva más de 7 años trabajando en los medios televisivos. Su programa La Chica Deportes nació hace tres años en el canal Dominican View y allí se desempeña como productora y conductora, además de producir contenido para El Show de Jackie en Telemundo 47 y ser corresponsal deportiva de El Show del Mediodía en La Republica Dominicana.


La Chica Deportes es un espacio de variedades, con reseñas y noticias sobre los peloteros de grandes ligas, actividades en diferentes campos deportivos y lo que acontece en los más importantes estadios de Estados Unidos y Latinoamerica. logo lcd still transp“Me enfoco más allá del deporte, cubro la labor social de muchos jugadores, sus hobbies, los entrevisto en sus hogares y les presento a los fans cosas informativas y divertidas”, nos dice llena de entusiasmo y claramente apasionada por lo que hace.

Jennifer se siente orgullosa de sus raíces dominicanas y las ventajas de ser una mujer bicultural en Estados Unidos. Le preocupa sobremanera el culto a la belleza que existe en la televisión hispana, donde el talento pasa a segundo plano, unas de sus metas es cambiar esta percepción. “Mi mensaje paras las jóvenes que quiere destacarse en esta carrera es que no es solamente ser bonita y delgada, ahorrar para implantes o liposucción, hay que educarse y superarse porque la belleza cansa y se acaba”.

IMG_58580581473278Esta encantadora joven, amante del beisbol, la moda y los jeans ajustados, es súper autentica, no le interesa imitar a nadie nos cuenta en medio de carcajadas, que a veces se le escapan S al hablar, usa Spanglish o inventa palabras en español que no existen, pero esa es ella, el fruto de dos culturas: natural y autentica.

No teme a la competencia “hay espacio y comida para todas” añade en referencia a la rivalidad existente en el medio periodístico. Ella es una luchadora, con la certeza de que su carrera seguirá subiendo como la espuma porque sabe que “la suerte es estar preparada cuando la oportunidad se presente”

Don’t Let Age Control Your Life

by C. Mirriam Pascual

“Don’t let Age control your life.  Let life control your age.” – A.D. Williams

When I read this quote by A.D. Williams I thought of the many women I know who are terrified of growing old.  In my mind the only alternative to not grow old is to die young. That alternative is not as pleasing and welcoming to those that don’t want to age.  I think by making the best of your life and living each stage to its fullest then getting old will not be a threat.

Image courtesy by Stockimages/
Image courtesy by Stockimages/

In recent years Latinas are growing more and more concerned about aging and are trying everything to stop the process.  Anti-wrinkle creams and other similar products are heavily marketing the largest growing group in America (Latinas) and we are willingly falling prey.  If only it were the creams and products that were targeting Latinas with their anti-ageing campaign maybe this would not be so bad.  But it seems our culture has changed, it now equates old with ugly and ageing with undesirable — a place no women should go.  Whatever happened to all the dignified ladies that grew old and still look fabulous?

Why are we now selling implants, lip and breast augmentations, tummy tucks, liposuctions, Brazilian butt-lifts, rib removal etc.? Why is this considered the quick way to attain eternal youth?  Why has it become acceptable and expected for a 50-year-old to have a body of a 20-year-old without having to go to the gym or eat healthfully? We max out our credit cards, take personal loans and go without for a trip to the surgeon.

We have fallen for the hype that there is a way to stop the clock. We have gone so far as insulting our Creator by changing the way that we were made.  Don’t misunderstand me I am not condemning, plastic surgery, I think it’s a wonderful science and it offers hope for those that need it.  What I am condemning is the thought process that leads us so readily to it.  It should not be a solution to an overweight problem. It should not be a solution to getting a job and or keeping a job. It should not be a solution to keeping a man, and it definitely should not be the solution to staying 20 forever.

Image Courtesy of Ambro/
Image Courtesy of Ambro/

This is a touchy subject to discuss, but having daughters and working with women it boggles my mind how we are so accepting of the new process and what we are teaching the future generations.  Why aren’t we teaching young ladies how to take care of themselves by eating well, exercising and leading a healthy lifestyle instead of selling them on having a Barbie physique and a permanent surprise on their faces?  It seems that it has become acceptable to alter yourself to the point of being deformed but unacceptable to age.

Looking at the statistics cosmetic surgeries are starting at a younger age and you can now get Botox at the dentist. While I was a patient in a surgery ward in 1993 (for a non-elective surgery, one that would determine if I would walk again) my roommate was a 15-year-old who had a breast augmentation in time for her sixteenth birthday party 6 months later.  She had a private nurse and kept me up all night complaining of pain.  I tried to feel pity but my anger at her parents prevented me from feeling anything else.  I kept thinking were her breasts even developed at fifteen? And, what kind of doctor would operate on a 15 year old to enlarge her breast?  I was left with many unanswered questions.

I leave you with some natural Anti-Aging tips:

  • Hydrate and eat right: Drink lots of water to keep the skin hydrated from the inside out – good nutrition helps the body repair skin.
  • Avoid direct sunlight: When the sun’s rays are the strongest (bet. 10am -4pm). If you have to be outside, wear a hat and sunscreen or an anti-aging moisturizer with SPF 15 and both UVB and UVA protection. Damage to the skin from excess or unprotected sun exposure causes wrinkles and an uneven skin tone, and worst case of all skin cancer.
  • Use of anti-aging products. (Advice for women over 50) Anti-aging creams and lotions can enhance natural beauty by rejuvenating your skin. Look for products with Pentapeptides that help prompt skin cells to produce more collagen, which is the support structure that gives skin a firmer look. Never ever forget the moisturizer.
  • Exercise:  Your body needs to move and muscles need to be worked, especially the heart.
  • Don’t Smoke:  It has been proven that smoking prematurely ages your skin

The best advice I can give is live your life as fully as you can and allow yourself to age gracefully.  Remain at peace and happy. This translates into beauty and it radiates from the inside out no matter what age.

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