It’s a Full Beauty Circle

by C. Miriam Pascual

On my way to a Dominican salon, very early one Saturday morning, an interaction between a two year old and her mom caught my attention. The toddler, fascinated, watched her mom’s every move as she applied her make-up. She used her small hands to imitate her mom’s actions, and giggled every time her mom caught her  acting out the steps. It was a very precious moment. At the end of the make-up session the little girl was rewarded with her own tube of clear lip gloss. She squealed in delight as the gloss touched her lips…of course she immediately licked it off- but in her mind she now looked just like mommy.


After witnessing this interaction between mother and daughter, it occurred to me that most of us learn beauty secrets from our mother, sisters, cousins and friends.  My younger cousin likes to tell the story of how she first learned how to use make-up, amongst many other things, from me as we were growing up. To see how well she turned out I am glad to have been the person she wanted to emulate, and learn from.

When I had young daughters of my own, I too played the make-up games with them and they too were also in awe of mom and her products. Now that they are adults they teach me how to really use make-up. They even provide me with make-up tips. It’s a full beauty circle.

Does Fear Hold you back?

by Deyanira Martinez

Have you been in a business meeting when all of sudden your boss asks an important question, and you immediately start to sweat? It is not a surprise that most men in this situation raise their hands and are ready to volunteer a response steadily and with confidence.

Women, on the other hand, want to know the subject in depth and be 100 percent sure of their answer before they proceed to raise their hands and express their opinions. If this is true, then it is easy to see why by the time most women say they are ready to take over a new job, or accept a promotion they have, in reality, been ready for years.

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominicci/
Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominicci/

So why, when there are so many smart and educated women all over the world, do we continue to hold ourselves back today? Why, in 2014, are women still accepting to earn seventy-seven cents per every dollar a man earns? Why are women taking on the roles of both the primary breadwinners and primary caregivers to their families, yet don’t have the courage to demand equal pay or pursue higher ranking positions? This inequality, and gender gap, is even wider in Latinas and women of color. From my experience, it seems we women tend to beat ourselves up for both the things we do and the things we don’t do, and for the things we say and the things we don’t have the courage to say. That is a lot of negative self-talk, and self-sabotage.   Here are some of the reasons, and helpful tips to combat this cycle of negative thinking:

1. The Good Girl Curse: We are raised, especially Latinas, to be good, polite, pretty, and obedient. We were told not to rock the boat, and have this need to be ‘liked,’ and ‘accepted.’ Unfortunately, we bring our ‘good girl’ mentality to the workplace.                  Tip: Accept that not everyone is going to like you, and as you move up the ladder the chances are that even less people will like you. Stop being a people pleaser.

 2. The Impostor Syndrome: When you become successful, you begin to have feelings of self-doubt. You feel like an impostor, and you are afraid that people will find out that you are not that smart or not as qualified as you should be for a position.                       Tip: Know that you deserve your success, you are smart and no one is waiting for you to fail.

3. The Weeds Of Fear: This is the root of so many problems – “Don’t let fear rule your life.”                                                                                                                                                Tip: Chica go for what you want, face your fears, and keep moving forward. Si se Puede!

4. The “I’m Sorry” Broken Record: Do not apologize! Most men do not apologize, instead they move into problem solving mode right away, sometimes without ever acknowledging that a mistake was made.                                                                                  Tip: Constant apologies will not resolve the problem, instead look for solutions.

5. Speak Up: Studies confirm that women do not speak up as much as they should, and usually avoid discussing confrontational issues.                                                                     Tip: Don’t wait to be given permission to voice your opinion, because in a room full of men, you might never have a chance. 

Amigas, stop holding yourself back by believing that you are insufficient, or incapable. This simply is not true! There are billions of dollars out there to be earned, thousands of high positions and recognition. There are people who have all of these things, so you can have them all too! We need to play this game like the boys do.

Don’t downplay your achievements; you have the latent, the vision, and the intelligence. Go for it!

Sin Temor a los tintes de pelo con Healthy Look de L’Oreal

Image credit: L’

by Karen Rosario

Les cuento chicas que en Diciembre del 2012 me teñí el pelo con un color dorado, oficialmente entre al mundo de las rubias….claro no naturales jajaja….el caso es que a la medida que el pelo me crecía, se veían las raíces con mi color de pelo natural marrón oscuro y el resto del pelo con el color del tinte que me aplique. En esos meses estaba en búsqueda intensa de trabajo y como toda mujer sabe para las entrevistas de trabajo debemos estar impecable y la imagen es primordial en estas ocasiones, no luce profesional o apropiado que tengamos raíces de una pulgada del color oscuro natural de tu pelo y  lo demás de otro color; pues pensando y pensando me dije “ Karen la mejor elección es utilizar un producto de color de pelo que no sea permanente”……En esos días visite a unas tías y ellas tenían revistas de bellezas, pues leyendo la revistas encontré la respuesta a mi problema, les hablo de Healthy Look Creme Gloss Color de L’Oreal Paris, el color solo dura 28 lavadas además de que acondiciona y da un brillo espectacular a tu pelo.

Pues leí en las instrucciones del producto lo mas importante para una mujer que esta algo dudosa de …Aplicar color al pelo!!!!  – Si chicas, todas sabemos que seria una pesadilla que algo le pasara a nuestro pelo así que me sentí mas segura ya que el producto es libre de amoniaco, no es permanente y proporciona brillo…..pero les cuento, fui a la tienda, compre el color de 3 Darkest Brown/ Expresso con la idea de cubrir el color dorado del resto de mi pelo e igualarlo al color de las raíces, pues llegue a mi casa me lo aplique según las instrucciones y debo contarles que huele bien, no como otros productos que tienen un olor casi insoportable  y lo mejor de todo cubrió perfectamente todo mi pelo, no quedo rastro del tinte dorado que tenia, me quede asombrada de  como este producto que no es permanente cubrió mis raíces y el resto del pelo del color dorado Wao!!….Además de que el acondicionador que viene en le paquete te deja el pelo brillante…….a mi me fascino el  Healthy Look Creme Gloss Color de L’Oreal Paris, se los recomiendo!

A Place for the Curvy Women

Courtesy of Cuvaceous K

by Yohely Salazar

Nestled in the Lower East Side of Manhattan is a new little secret of curvaceous proportions. Curvaceous K is the brainchild of seemingly shy but fiery and fabulous Latina, Kathy Sanchez, and is a one-stop shop for really some of the most fashionable and fierce plus size brands out there.  A New York native, in one of the most culturally diverse cities on earth, Kathy recognized the lack of diversity in stores in not only plus size fashion but fashion in general.

The Curvaceous K Boutique is a beautiful example of physical diversification, and lends its voice to the discourse on what it means to be beautiful and “fashionable” in our modern world today.  Entering the boutique and browsing around you notice that you are not in a “traditional” plus-size store, with the typical shapeless silhouettes.

Curvaceous K is a place for the curvy lady who not only wants to look fabulous but also wants to feel good in her curvy skin.  Whether you are in your 20s or 40s, Kathy offers everything from gorgeous accessories to sophisticated, sexy, flattering and fun casual and semi-formal wear from designers such as Queen Grace, Jessica Simpson and many more.  It is a Curvaceous K-ingdom for Curvy queens!  A place full of life and color the curvy and plus-size gal can stand out in the most beautiful way possible!

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