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Meet our ‘Bellas Corporate Corner’ Latina of the Week: Jadys Mendez

By Deyanira Martinez @deyamartinezl Bellas Fashionistas is proud to showcase Latinas that are climbing the corporate ladder in the United States – smart and talented women leading by example, serving as an inspiration to others. Name: Jadys Mendez Title: Manager, European Natural Gas Company:…

Self Care Check-List

by The Diana Sisters @3DBeautyTweets Your life is busy! We are masters at juggling many different areas of responsibility in life. Wouldn’t it be great to have some guidance an tools to get you to your best self? We believe that you need to…

Be The Beauty CEO of Your Life!

by The Diana Sisters, @3DBeautyTweets No one can define your beauty but you. Your beauty confidence is the total sum of your thoughts, your health and your spirit.   The life you create for yourself and your circle of close friends and family is influenced by…

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